Santiago, Dominican Republic

Rehabilitation Center

Spanish (Low Intermediate)

This organization serves both children and adults with physical, mental and sensory impairments in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic. Through physical therapy, occupational therapy, social integration, and group activities, patients become reincorporated into a functional society. The center also sponsors two youth programs, which serve children with disabilities from low-income households and strive to create a consciousness for human rights. Participants may have the opportunity to observe social workers and physical therapists during their sessions, help with the patient intake process, go on house visits, and support patients under supervision.

Institute for the Blind

Spanish (Intermediate)

This educational institute in Santiago, Dominican Republic provides much needed social services to adults who are blind or visually impaired. This organization empowers economically disadvantaged and often marginalized members of society by equipping them with the tools they need to live independently. Services include training in Braille, support in developing micro-enterprises, health treatments and a support system to help foster independence. Participants may help with the instruction and therapy of students to empower them to complete their daily activities independently.