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Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "If you were to visit only one city in Spain, it should be Granada," and it's easy to see why! This is an undisputedly charming city with much to offer all kinds of visitors. Get to know Granada with some fun facts about the city!

Granada means pomegranate
Not only does it mean pomegranate, but the pomegranate is the official symbol of Granada! You can see pomegranate trees all around town and the image is prevalent throughout the city in many works of art, on street signs, in the plazas, and even on the manhole covers.

Granada is a university town
The Universidad de Granada is the heart of modern Granada. Students from all over Spain and the world come to Granada to attend the university, creating a lively atmosphere with forward-thinking communities and no shortage of activities.Year-long, semester, summer, and intensive month programs are available.

Granada has a unique blend of cultures and architectural styles
Granada was the last major city to be conquered by the Catholic monarchs in 1492. Until then, large communities of Jews, Muslims, and Catholics all made their mark on this beautiful city. With unique neighborhoods dating from the pre-conquest years, there are countless vistas to take in all over town.

Granada's beauty has inspired many artists
Aside from Hemingway, Granada has inspired many other famous artists. Washington Irving wrote multiple books about this enchanting city including The Tales of the Alhambra after having the opportunity to live in the fortress for a time. Granada also inspired the Clash's Joe Strummer who lived there on-and-off throughout his adult life. Strummer wrote romantically about the city and the famous Granadino poet Frederico Garcia Lorca, and even has a plaza named after him today.

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