The ISA High School Experience

Global Awareness

Participating in study abroad programs is more than just studying at a foreign university. Since its establishment in 1989, ISA High School (formerly known as Learning Programs International) has been deeply committed to delivering the highest quality immersion experiences with the goal of fostering global citizenship. Our programs provide a stepping stone to college and a broader view of the global community. By testing their limits, participants gain maturity, independence and confidence as they prepare for the future.


Language & cultural Immersion Pledge

Our goal is to build a foundation for foreign language as well as improve the existing linguistic skills of our participants. We provide our students with the best language instruction so they can communicate with the people around them.  The ability to use another language opens a door to the hearts and minds of other people, without which an exchange of ideas would be nearly impossible.

Participants are fully immersed by living, studying and participating in the culture of the host country. From the moment they arrive, orientations and city tours provide them with an insider's perspective of their host country. Dynamic cultural activities help to teach participants about local customs and traditions. Living and studying in a foreign country allows them to experience the daily life of a local student, as well as form connections with the community. All of these aspects combine to create a "living classroom," in which participants improve their language skills and gain a better understanding of the world around them.


Staff Expertise & Infrastructure

The expertise of our staff and the quality of program infrastructure can be attributed to the close relationship with our parent company, International Studies Abroad (ISA), a leading collegiate study abroad provider. Both ISA and ISA-HS participants benefit from professional on-site staff who facilitate the cultural and linguistic immersion that is an integral part of study abroad. In addition, the staff's first-hand knowledge of the host city, its local issues, and potential challenges helps to ensure participant safety throughout the program.


College Preparation

All ISA-HS participants study the host country’s language and culture at the college level in authentic university settings, which serves as a valuable introduction to life and academics after high school. All students receive university transcripts and/or certificates which are issued upon course completion.


Participant Safety

ISA resident staff maintains close contact with both the U.S. Embassies in their country as well as families back home to ensure safety and awareness of any situations that may arise. Resident staff members are available 24/7 to respond to the needs of the students and one Austin staff member is on-call throughout the program in the event of an emergency. Participants also receive comprehensive medical insurance during the program.