How to Apply to an ISA High School Program  



   Age Requirements 

  • Must be 15 years old by program departure date -- Cusco, Malaga & Salamanca
  • Must be 14 years old by program departure date --  Heredia & Sevilla

   Language Requirements

  • No language requirement --  Cusco
  • 1 year of foreign language - Heredia, Salamanca, Sevilla & Malaga 

    If you do not meet the minimum requirements but are still interested in applying, please contact ISA-HS



   1) Online application

        ISA-HS will automatically receive your application at the end of the online form.  APPLY HERE 


   2) $200 Non-Refundable Program Deposit 

Submitted at the end of the online application. An application will be considered incomplete without this payment. This amount is applied towards the total program price. It is not an additional fee. Payment by credit card or check is acceptable. 


   3) Teacher Recommendation Form

ISA-HS prefers all recommendations to be completed by a foreign language teacher for language immersion programs. Please be sure to notify your teacher of the program city and session you are applying to. The recommendation form can be submitted online HERE


   4) High School Transcript

       Please email or mail us a copy of your official or unofficial transcript. 

       Mail transcripts to:

       ISA High School 
      1112 West Ben White Blvd 
      Austin, TX 78704


   All applications are considered incomplete until ISA-HS has received the three required application materials. 

   Once all items have been submitted we will review your application and determine your acceptance.                           

   If you have any questions in regards to the application process please call (512) 474-1041 or email us at