sevilla student testimonials

Spending a month in Sevilla was amazing. I learned so much about the culture and lifestyle, made amazing friends, visited beautiful historical sites, and strengthened my Spanish skills a lot. Every part of my experience was more amazing than I could have imagined and by far exceeded my expectations.

Andrea Avila - Sevilla, Spain , ISA-HS (Blairstown, NJ)

The staff in Sevilla is incredible, and so were the excursions. It was definitely worth the money. This was the least expensive program I saw when researching, and it had the most excursions (with paid hotels), and college credit. It was a great deal. I loved the program so much, and I learned so much Spanish! I have nothing but good things to say about the staff, activities and program.

Deirdre Carmichael - Sevilla, Spain , ISA-HS (Lebanon, PA)

This experience of going and living with a different culture of people without your family, friends, or everyday comforts- whether you become fluent in Spanish or learn everything about Spain or even like Spain- changes you for the better, into a more accepting and open person. It also teaches you more about yourself and what you want to do later in life.

Kathryn Wallace - Sevilla, Spain , ISA-HS (Tampa, FL)

Studying abroad has been one of, if not the, best experience of my life. I have met so many great people that have become very close friends. This trip has been essential in my Spanish education, but more importantly, it has opened my eyes to new cultures and it has given me lifelong memories.

Bennett B. - Sevilla, Spain , ISA-HS (Chapel Hill, NC)

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