Welcome to the ISA High School Online Teacher Recommendation Form!

ISA High School has made it easy to submit a teacher recommendation for applicants online. Before proceeding, students must provide the recommending teacher, preferably a foreign language teacher, with the appropriate program information.

Before completeing the online form, please take a moment to review the ISA High School Code of Conduct, which outlines the policies that students will be required to adhere to during an ISA-HS program. All students are expected to have attained a certain level of academic success and must possess the emotional maturity to cope with challenges faced in a foreign environment without constant supervision.

If you are recommending a student for an ISA-HS Global Impact program, please keep in mind that volunteer participants in particular will face physically and emotionally challenging situations, putting them face to face with the realities of their host city while helping them grow personally through volunteer service projects. Please take a moment to read about ISA-HS Global Impact programs and what they entail.

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8. State briefly in the space provided why you feel that the applicant is or is not a good candidate for the study and/or volunteer abroad program. Be sure to consider academics, motivation, maturity, and discipline, keeping in mind that students are required to abide by the ISA High School Code of Conduct although they are not supervised 24 hours a day. Please include any additional comments which you feel might be helpful in assessing the applicant's eligibility for the ISA-HS program.

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