Teacher Benefits

Our Educator Benefits Program are designed not only to show our appreciation to you for your efforts in encouraging students to study abroad in High School, but to also provide you with the opportunity to experience our programs first-hand. For each referral, you can earn benefits two ways: credits toward a complimentary trip abroad OR a non-travel reward monetary reward!


Educators will earn 1 credit for every student referred independently to a summer program. The total credit needed for travel is 8.

All travel rewards include: Airfare, Room & board with an ISA High School host family for up to two weeks (other accommodations available for an additional fee), Hotel and ground transportation during overnight weekend excursions planned for the program.

Please Note: Educators are not required to chaperone or supervise students while abroad. Travel credits cannot roll over from year to year. The travel reward destination will be determined by the destination where the majority of the teacher’s students choose as their program, or at the discretion of ISA High School management. Please call ISA High School at 512-474-1041 for more details.

When record indicates that you have hit the minimum referrals of 8 students, ISA will notify you and provide an option for TRAVEL or NON-TRAVEL benefits to be used in the current academic year.



Teachers who choose not to travel or who do not meet the minimum number of referral points for free travel can earn non-travel benefits. Educators that refer students to our unique experiences abroad will earn $250 per student referred. The sky is the limit! This $250 per student rewards may be donated to future students in form of a scholarship or used to cover classroom expenses.

NOTE points are awarded only after the students have been accepted and paid in full.


Referrals & Eligibility

In order to be eligible to receive the benefits, teachers must write hs@studiesabroad.com informing us that (student name) from (high school) was refferred to the (program name) by you. We will record the activity for the current academic year and keep track of these students on your behalf. 

A final count of referral points will be made after the final payment deadline. Teachers eligible for referral travel will be notified as soon as their students have paid in full in order to make travel arrangements. Teachers should feel free to contact the ISA-HS office at any time during the year to check their referral points status.

For more information on our teacher benefits program, please contat ISA High School at (512) 474-1041 or by email at hs@studiesabroad.com.