Photo Contest Rules & Winners

Announcing our 2017 Photo Contest Winners:

First Place: Gabrielle Ray- Sevilla, Spain

Second Place: Aidan Mulvey- Malaga, Spain

Third Place: Amanda Powell- Granada, Spain

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2017 ISA High School Photo Contest Rules


We are always looking for ISA High School student photos to incorporate in our catalogs and other promotional materials and would love to feature some of yours! Photos considered will be those that are creative and highlight your unique experiences of studying and volunteering abroad with ISA High School!!

Photos can include students, locals and/or friends in the pictures.

Example photo themes for the ISA-HS contest are as follows:

I'm with ISA-HS! - ISA-HS activities and/or excursions, ISA-HS office & staff

The Gang is all Here - organized group shots with 3 to 8 people

Culture, Customs and Traditions - fairs, ceremonies, holiday celebrations, local festivals, and other cultural activities

Nature's Beauty - landscapes, panoramic views and outdoor activities

*"When in Rome" - everyday life, activities, foods, people and places unique to your city

The Artistic Eye - A chance to express your creative vision that may not fit in any of the other

Tales of the City- architecture, monuments, or places of interest


The submission must be of high quality and high resolution. The images should not contain any photo manipulation software filters*. These will not be considered in the contest. All photos must be 2100x1500 pixels or greater.


  • The photo must be 2100x1500 pixels or greater
  • The photo must not be manipulated in any way
  • All submissions will become the property of ISA-HS and may be featured on the website or in marketing material
  • Photo submissions cannot be featured in any other promotional campaign
  • The photo cannot violate privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights
  • The photo cannot contain any inappropriate behavior, unlawful activity, nudity, or swearing

First place winner: $100 

Second prize winner: $75

Third place winner: $50

All winners will also be announced on the ISA-HS website and Instagram after the selection date.
*All participants are only eligible to win one prize*


DEADLINE: All photos must be submitted by Tuesday, September 5th, 2017


By submitting your photos to the contest, you release all materials to be used by ISA-HS and its study abroad affiliates exclusively for promotional reasons. This includes, but is not limited to print, video and digital mediums. All photos will be credited to you when used. If photos are found to not have been taken by an ISA-HS student, photos will automatically be disqualified from the contest.

REMEMBER: If you have more photos you want to submit, but have already entered 5 photos into the contest, you are welcome to still send in other photos which will be considered for publication in ISA-HS promotional materials!

How to Submit Photos:

  • Save your photo(s) to your computer
  • Attach your photo(s) to an email with the subject heading: "ISA-HS 2017 Photos"
  • In the body of the email, please state your name and city of your program, as well as where the photo was taken
  • Send email to

If you have questions email