Academic Transfer Credit

Transcript and Academic Credit Information

The purpose of this section is to explain how ISA High School handles the university transcripts of students who participate in our study abroad programs. ISA-HS students study at accredited universities abroad and receive an official transcript upon successful completion of the program. Transcripts are sent directly to ISA-HS from the university and may take 3-4 months to arrive. Once received, ISA-HS sends one unofficial copy of the transcript or certificate and an ISA-HS cover letter to all students. If a student has an outstanding balance, ISA-HS will not release the transcript.


Official Transcript: Official record issued by the foreign university of the course(s) completed while abroad. Official transcripts include course titles, number of hours of instruction, grades earned and language level.

ISA-HS Cover Letter: An explanation of the contents of the transcript translated into English and the circumstances under which the course was administered. ISA-HS also suggests how the credits earned abroad may be transferred.

Transcript Request Form (TRF): Online form used to request that ISA-HS send an official transcript to a student's high school or university. The TRF must include a completed mailing address (P.O. Boxes are not acceptable) and the name of a contact person.

Applying to Universities

ISA-HS students who have completed coursework abroad should send a COPY of their unofficial transcript or certificate and ISA-HS cover letter to all the universities to which they apply. Official transcripts are not normally required in order to be considered for acceptance. Once a student has decided which university to attend, he/she should then complete the TRF requesting ISA-HS to send an official transcript and cover letter. It is very important that the entire school address (no P.O. Boxes) is indicated along with the name of a contact person who will receive the transcript on the TRF. ISA-HS sends all official transcripts and cover letters via UPS ground service. Once the transcript and cover letter are received, the university will evaluate the coursework completed abroad to determine how the credits will transfer.

Transfer Credits

Ultimately, it is the decision of the university receiving the transfer credits to determine the grade equivalency and how coursework will be evaluated. ISA High School is not responsible if credits do not transfer. Universities may accept coursework completed abroad as pass/fail credit. Depending on the institution, grades earned abroad may not be included in the student's overall GPA. The following are commonly used guidelines for transferring credits.

  • Students at universities with the semester system typically receive 1 credit hour for every 15 contact hours at the abroad university.
  • Students at universities with the quarter system typically receive 1 credit hour for every 10 contact hours at the abroad university.

Once the transcripts are received by the U.S. university it often takes up to 6 weeks to evaluate transfer credit and to update students' academic records. Students may also be required to provide supporting materials to those evaluating the transcript in order to transfer credits.

Supporting Materials: A student's advisors/department chair/registrar may request to see course descriptions in order to determine the type of credit or course equivalent earned abroad. Students may acquire most course descriptions from the ISA-HS website in the "Academics" section of program site. Students should be sure to save course syllabi and any major written assignments or exams completed abroad.

Cost of Transcripts

ISA-HS students will receive one unofficial copy of their transcript or certificate after successful completion of the program abroad and may request one official transcript copy to be sent to a university/high school of their choice free of charge. Additional official copies will cost $35.00, per destination. If more than one official copy will be sent to the same address, each additional official copy will cost $15.00. Unofficial or digital copies of the transcript will cost $20.00. If more than one unofficial copy is being sent to the same address, each additional unofficial copy will cost $10.00

Expedited processing

Requests that need to be processed within 5 business days or less are subjected to an additional $20.00 expedited processing fee.


Credit Card: Complete the Credit Card Authorization and mail or fax to ISA High School.

Personal Check: Checks should be made out to ISA High School and mailed to the address below.

ISA High School
Attn: Academic Records
1112 W. Ben White Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78704

Fax: 512.275.0770

NOTE: Transcripts will not be released until payment has cleared. Please allow 2-3-weeks for processing on all transcript requests. If you wish to pay by personal check, your request will be subject to an additional week holding period.