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"We have Facetimed with [our daughter] several times since her arrival, and she couldn't be happier! She is there for all the right reasons...loving the academics, language, culture, excusions and gorgeous natural habitat. She has a delightful homestay situation. She and her roommate from Colorado get along great, and it seems like they have similar values and goals for being there. There were great photos on Facebook of all of them whitewater rafting last Saturday! Elizabeth raved about the rainforest, and said "the leaves are as big as my face!" I loved the imagery."

-- Susan H., Parent of Ohio State University Student

"Thank you all so much for the wonderful care and support you and the others at ISA provided! It really was a big comfort to us as parents!"

- Cheryl M., Parent of University of Wyoming Student

"When a child travels abroad alone without knowing anyone, it can be a little scary. Staying five weeks away makes it only more nerve racking. When a child does this with ISA it should give parents a sense of peace. The student will be not just O.K., but great!

My daughter did Salamanca - Summer 2 session with ISA this year. While it was not her first time traveling alone, nor her first time in Europe, it was her first time studying abroad. I did not have to wait until her return home to know what a success her experience had been. I could hear it in her voice, and see it in her face when we communicated via FaceTime; she was having the time of her life!
Her home stay was great. Her Spanish mom was a great cook, and had a fun personality. There were other students from other countries with other organizations staying at her house which made her experience more worldly

She fell in love with the city of Salamanca. By the time left she felt almost like a native. She could walk everywhere and it was an easy place to navigate. She made many new friends who already made plans to reunite next year. She loved the University of Salamanca and thought the teachers were very energetic and fun. On weekends, when there were no ISA excursions, she and her friends traveled to different destinations, including Lisbon, Portugal; all with the assistance of the local ISA office.

Quoting my daughter, 'I think ISA deserves some type of award, they just thought of everything'. She says the local office especially Carmen and Rodrigo are absolutely wonderful! They are very resourceful, friendly and always happy. They went far and beyond; they planned soccer games, they treated them to see Harry Potter in Spanish. They even had a nice farewell dinner for them. I guess the students felt as if the local ISA office was really their home away from home.

Deciding what organization to travel with was not an easy one. My daughter's university had their own trip to Spain. Yet, Andrea wanted to meet people from all over, and that she did. That is why she chose ISA.

There are not enough words to express how pleased and impressed I am with your organization. My daughter graded her experience A+! I think that says it all."

- Ana V., Parent of Loyola University Student

"Our daughter has told us everything has gone very smoothly with ISA and FUA, saying all of the ISA directors are incredibly helpful, available, very nice, and fun :) . Her travel photography instructor is wonderful, as well. She has already made some close friends, headed out on trips to Sienna & Cinque Terre and somewhere else this weekend, and relished her couple of days in Rome. Her apartment is in a perfect location to easily get around the city. She sounds exuberant with every conversation, soaking up everything about Italian culture, art, & history she can, loving it!

…Most of all, from a parent's perspective, we want to thank you (ISA) for covering all of the details to the point where we felt calm & secure enough that our daughter, who was traveling to your program alone, was going to be in great hands. You respectfully & immediately got back with us regarding all of our concerns with safety, housing, flights, airport pick ups, visas, question was too much to be addressed.

She has another week or so to go, but I wanted to tell you how much our family appreciates you and the entire staff from International Studies Abroad. I'm sure the bit of remaining time she has with you will be equally as wonderful; the time may be too short, but the memories are grand. I would not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend your outstanding program to others who may be interested. We couldn't be happier with International Studies Abroad! As program manager for Italy, a job well done...thank you!"

- Nina A., Parent of University of North Florida Student

"I'm writing to say "Thank You!" for all your help in getting my daughter prepared for her semester. We really appreciate the time you spent with us on the phone (fielding our many questions!) and getting her passport to the LA Spain Consulate.

I want to commend ISA as an organization and study abroad program. As a parent I have been so pleased with ISA. The whole experience has been very professional and excellent....the application process, the visa process, the initial meeting and travel that she had with your staff in Spain, the Malaga office, the excursions.

I have been especially impressed with the ISA staff in Malaga. They have been so helpful to her and I have greatly appreciated knowing that they were there for advice and help when needed.

There are many study abroad programs out there, but I've been glad to recommend ISA to a number of families already. We have had a wonderful experience and my daughter has had an incredible semester in Spain.

Thank you so much!"

- Becky J., Parent of University of Northern Colorado Student

"Our daughter had a wonderful experience in Cusco. Thank you to ISA for offering such life-changing experiences for students around the world!"

- Linda W., Parent of University of Northern Colorado Student

"My son spent the winter quarter of 2010 in Barcelona, Spain with your program and had a wonderful time. ISA was such a terrific program! We appreciated your patience in answering all of our questions before he left for Spain and once he was there, your program took such great care of him. The information we received before hand about the customs in Spain, the precautions to take while traveling abroad, the contact information and everything else ISA provided were invaluable. His host family placement greatly enriched his experience and led him to make friends from Spain, outside the ISA "family."

We also appreciated your prompt response in contacting him and making sure he was okay when he lost his credit and debit cards --- that and the fact that the program was so accommodating in getting money to him temporarily while we canceled the cards and got new ones for him. It gave us peace of mind to know that he was well cared for, especially during this incident.

We were really impressed by your program and would highly recommend it to any student thinking about studying abroad!"

- Linda C., Parent of UCLA Student

"My son is studying in Malaga, Spain, and having the time of his life. ISA is an amazing program and we are so grateful for all the help and arrangements made on his behalf."

- Allison M., Parent of University of Utah Student

"Thank you SO much for your help. The ISA staff has been wonderful – for our daughter in her experience in Chile, and for us as parents."

- Jeffrey C., Parent of Messiah College Student

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience my daughter had in Barcelona. It was a dream trip for her. Thanks for all your help with the paperwork and working with us on the finances."

- Thomas O., Parent of UCLA Student

"My wife and I had the opportunity to meet with Lizette yesterday and tour the ISA office across from the college. We were very impressed. The building provides an oasis for the non-native students to visit during the day and get the support that they need. Lizette answered our questions and gave us insight into the program and the orientation that is provided. She was a very warm and pleasant person. Our son tells us that she is well-liked and respected by the students here and it is no wonder. We also were invited for lunch at the home of his host family and they were lovely people."

- Keith W., Parent of University of Pittsburgh Student

"Thank you so much for your attention, patience, professionalism, kindness and reassurance."

- Clare P., Parent of Emmanuel College Student

"I can hardly find the words to say what it meant to feel assured that there was someone along the way who would be looking out for my daughter. One of the reasons she chose ISA for her study abroad program was she felt that your organization would provide good onsite support. She certainly chose wisely."

- Eileen W., Carnegie Mellon University Student

"My daughter was initially drawn to ISA because of her positive interactions with your office and she told me she chose ISA because she thought the organization looked like it provided the best onsite support, and after the summer her impression was very much confirmed. Thank you for running such a great program with so many competent and dedicated people!"

- Eileen W., Carnegie Mellon University Student

"Our daughter is having a great time in Granada, Spain! We have been very impressed with ISA and how organized things have been for her (and us!). She is very happy with her host family so far and is getting along great with her roommate. We flew our daughter from Minneapolis to Madrid via Atlanta. Although she has flown a lot and been in over 15 countries, this was her first time flying alone. While she was walking through the Atlanta Airport, a gal from Tennessee spotted her ISA luggage tag. Turns out she was in the same program and on her way to Madrid as well! When they got to the gate, 6 more girls with ISA luggage tags found them! That was a real help. I am sure they were all happy to make a quick friend before the long flight over. Thanks so much for all you do at your end to provide these kids with the experience of a lifetime!"

- Gayle K., Parent of University of Minnesota, Duluth Student

"He had a wonderful time and met some amazing people. He met people that my husband and I believe he will be friends with for the rest of his life. He told us that the ISA staff was so great in seeing that this was an amazing experience for them all. Thank you (and the rest of the staff) for being so supportive and for providing this experience for our son."

- Beth S., Parent of Wake Forest University Student

"As a parent, and from my daughter's prospective as well, your organization was so attentive to both her needs and mine. Your follow ups with some issues of lost luggage, and just overall concern and kindness from her group leaders was just exemplary.

Again, thank-you so much. We will highly recommend this program."

- Augusta K., Parent of Eugene Lang College Student

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