International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987

El Tigre

Location: Argentina


The city of Tigre (35km north of BA) and her surrounding delta region is one of the most popular weekend getaways for weary porteños. The city itself has a few pleasant attractions, but it?s really the delta just beyond Tigre that everyone?s after. In the afternoon, we will go to Puerto de Frutos, a veritable open-air market, known for an area where vendors sell a variety of artisanal goods such as furniture, ornaments made of cane and wicker fabrics and crafts, clothes and leather, mate and typical souvenirs, delicious homemade sweets and honey, a variety of meats, fruits and food.

One of the rivers that run through the region is called Tigre. The name comes after a local legend in which locals were afraid of a yaguareté (local animal similar to the tiger) that destroyed their homes. After many attempts, they were able to catch him and sacrificed him next to a stream. Later, this stream became known as Tigre. Part of the city of Tigre is located in the continent and another part is on many islands. There is no natural gas service in the area, nor cars or buses. Locals must use their own boats to go from one place to another or a service called lancha colectivo, a motorboat that can transfer more than 60 people at a time. If they need to buy groceries a lancha

There are a few monuments to see scattered among the islands such as the Tigre Art Museum, a luxurious building that used to be a casino at the beginning of the 20th century, and the Casa Museo Sarmiento, a building that is a recreation of the house in which this former Argentinean President lived in the 19th century.

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