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Academic Programs in Buenos Aires

Students may choose from the following Academic Program options:

Academic Year

Semester + Semester options are available for certain programs in this city. In these instances, students will receive a discount off of the second term. ISA support services, housing and insurance are not included during the interim period between sessions but may be added for an additional charge.

To see if this option is available for your specific program of interest, please review that program's semester pages or contact ISA for more information.

Semester / Trimester

Universidad de Belgrano
Various semester programs are available at the Universidad de Belgrano. All semester classes are taught by Argentine professors at the University of Belgrano, and program options include:

Intensive Spanish Language (Spring and Fall 1). This program is ideal for students who wish to focus on Spanish acquisition in an international setting, and is open to students at all language levels.

Latin American Studies (Spring and Fall 2). Class options include Spanish courses and Latin American Studies courses instructed in English and Spanish at the intermediate and advanced levels, and the program is available to students at all levels of Spanish proficiency.

Latin American Studies and Courses with Locals (Spring and Fall 3) caters to students at a high advanced level of Spanish proficiency. Students enroll in at least one course with Argentine students and may select from the Latin American Studies courses as well. All semester classes are taught by Argentine professors at the University of Belgrano.


At the University of Belgrano, students may enroll in Intensive Spanish Language (Summer 1, 2, or 3), and may combine sessions as back-to-back options. The Intensive Spanish Language program sessions 1 and 2 are open to students at all levels of Spanish language proficiency. Summer 3 students must be at the intermediate level or higher.

The Latin American Studies summer 4 program at the University of Belgrano allows students at the advanced Spanish language levels to enroll in upper division survey courses in Latin American Studies. All students enroll in two courses during the five-week program.

Intensive Month

The Intensive Spanish Language Intensive Month program at the Universidad de Belgrano is designed with courses at the beginning, intermediate and advanced language levels, and offers a combination of Spanish grammar, conversation and Argentine culture courses. Classes are taught by Argentine professors and are taken with international students at the Universidad de Belgrano. This intensive course focuses on language acquisition for students with limited time abroad.

Back To Back

The Intensive Spanish Language summer program at the University of Belgrano offers three summer sessions (Summer 1, 2, and 3). Students may combine sessions 1&2, 2&3, or 1, 2, &3 as back-to-back programs. Classes will focus on Spanish grammar, conversation, and culture, and students will be in class with Americans and other international students. Students typically progress through one language level during each summer session.