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Since International Studies Abroad established the Argentina study abroad program in 1999, ISA has been witness to the country's increasing popularity as a study abroad destination in South America. The allure of Argentina for American students can be attributed to numerous factors, including a vibrant cultural life and a unique sense of style known throughout Latin America.

European influences are evident in the unique blend of architecture and cuisine, the distinct Argentine accent, and world-renowned artistic contributions to music, literature, and dance. A diverse geography consisting of pristine forests, the majestic Andes Mountains, and beautiful beaches also contribute to Argentina's popularity. Argentina benefits from an excellent educational system and a multitude of very fine universities including the University of Belgrano, the academic anchor of ISA's Argentina study abroad program.


Southern South America, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Chile and Uruguay


As a general rule, Argentina's climate makes a steady transition from the North's extreme desert to the bitterly cold and wet conditions of the far South.

In the central region where Buenos Aires is located, the climate tends to be agreeable year-round and mildly humid due to the city's location in the Pampas region, next to the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.

The most moderate months are October through April, with the warmest months being November through February

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