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As one of the founding members of the European Union and also the home to the EU, Belgium holds a very important international seat in Western Europe. It is a tri-lingual country with different regions speaking French, Dutch and German. The capital, Brussels, is officially a bilingual city, conducting business and daily life in both French and Dutch.

Belgium gained independence from the Netherlands in 1830 but still holds close ties to both the Netherlands and France, making it a truly unique country. The Dutch mostly reside in the northern part of the country in the region of Flanders and the French reside in the southern part, called Wallonia.

Apart from Brussels, Belgium is known for the beautiful and touristic medieval cities such as Bruges and Ghent, the diamond capital of Europe in Antwerp and the gorgeous countryside in the southern region of Wallonia, with its rolling fields and picture perfect little houses.

Being a geographically small country with a great location, studying abroad in Belgium makes for the perfect jumping off point to explore other major European cities and tourist destinations just a short distance away.


Central Europe, bordered by France, Germany, Holland, and Luxembourg as well as the Atlantic Ocean.


Belgium has a generally mild climate most of the year. Layering clothing is helpful because it rains often, making the air feel colder than it really is. Winters can bring in strong winds and summers are never very hot but warm and comfortable with nice long days.

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