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The international business capital of Western Europe, Brussels' history of Roman, French, German and Dutch influence makes it a unique yet charming cosmopolitan city. Home to the European Union, the UN, the European Parliament and NATO, students in Brussels are at the heart of international affairs. Multicultural and multilingual, Brussels is the perfect example of a global society that has managed to retain its own distinct personality.

Known as "The Heart of Europe," Brussels is bilingual in French and Dutch but English is widely spoken due to so many international influences. Brussels is smaller than most European capitals, holding its unique culture and traditions while accommodating foreigners and adapting to life as the center of European politics and global business, making it an ideal location to get your international internship experience.

Visit historical landmarks around the city like the Royal Palace, St. Michael's Cathedral and the famous Mannequin Pis. Downtown you will find quaint alleys lined with picturesque restaurants, delicious sweets shops, cute boutiques and cafés galore. Sample some of the best seafood around from a stand on the sidewalk, taste incredible waffles world famous chocolate at the sweets shops, or sit at a cafe on the Grand Place and people watch as you sip a rich and flavorful coffee.

While studying abroad in Brussels you will have the opportunity to apply for an internship abroad, take a number of courses with locals taught in English or study French language. Vesalius College is an English speaking university in Belgium and makes for a great choice for study abroad in Europe.

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