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ISA Housing

ISA Housing assignments are located throughout the city of Florianópolis.

Homestays and apartment locations are chosen based on the safety and feel of the neighborhood. Many of the apartments and homestays are found in the trendy Lagoa da Conceição area, and others are mostly spread across the northern part of the island.

To find out more about housing assignments, please visit the "Housing" section of the Florianópolis page.

The ISA Florianópolis Office

The ISA office is conveniently located inside the UNISUL's Ilha Centro sub-campus downtown where the students will take most of their classes. The office serves as a central meeting place for ISA students, the "home base" of ISA Florinanópolis, and is the location of regular meetings.

The ISA Florianópolis office houses a study room, resident director office, lounge area, computer/internet workstations, and wireless capabilities for those who wish to bring their laptop. Students are encouraged to visit the ISA facility (general office hours are 9:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday) to check e-mail, receive tutoring, obtain travel advice, check the bulletin board for upcoming events, or to practice speaking Portuguese with the ISA staff.

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The University

The Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina (UNISUL)
Founded in 1964, the UNISUL is a prestigious private university with over 30,000 students attending over 50 undergraduate and graduate programs. The UNISUL has four separate campuses both on the mainland and the island-side of the city each comprised of various sub-campuses. ISA classes will be held at the Ilha Centro sub-campus located in the heart of the metropolitan center of island-side Florianópolis. Courses with local students are offered at any of the sub-campuses of the Florianópolis area including the locations: Padre Roma, Pedra Branca, Ponte do Imaruim and Norte da Ilha.

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