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What's Florianópolis Like?

Florianópolis is known for having a high life quality, being the Brazilian capital city with the highest Human Development Index (0.875) according to the UN. Tourism is one of the staples of Florianópolis' economy as many are drawn to its 40+ beaches and the mix of modern and traditional culture. Many inhabitants and tourists consider Floripa to have a singular beauty endowed with strong lines of Azorean culture, observed in the buildings, workmanship, folklore, culinary and religious traditions.

You may notice right away that life in Florianópolis is different from life in the U.S. Some differences are subtle such as the sound of the telephone ringing, while other changes will be more striking. Most things look, sound and smell differently. Discovering these differences is one of the joys of an adventure in Florianópolis. You will learn to appreciate the Brazilian way of doing things, and before you know it, you'll fit right in! By experiencing life in Brazil, you will gain a much greater understanding of Brazilians and their culture, as well as a new outlook on your own heritage.

Region and Population

Florianópolis is located in the state of Santa Catarina in the southern region of Brazil. This exceptionally beautiful city is situated on a small coastal peninsula and a main island connected by three bridges. Florianópolis, or Floripa as it is called by locals, is home to approximately 400,000 inhabitants spread across the Northern, modern half of the island, and the traditional rural South. To see some highlights of different bairros (neighborhoods) in Floripa, please visit the "Cultural Highlights" tab.


Florianópolis experiences a humid subtropical climate with seasons that are opposite to those of the northern hemisphere. In general, temperatures are warm, 82°F during the day and 72°F at night. June through September are the coolest months in Florianópolis, with fall-like temperatures of 57°F at night and the 72°F during the day. The rainy season in the region starts in December and ends in March.
Avg. Rainfall7.28.17.6443.

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