Academic Programs in Florianópolis

Students may choose from the following Academic Program options:

Semester / Trimester

The ISA semester programs in Florianópolis combine solid academic offerings with a variety of excursions and cultural activities. Students choose 4 to 5 courses from a selection of Portuguese language courses, elective courses instructed in Portuguese with international students, electives taught in English, and electives taught in Portuguese with local students. Students who have not completed a college semester/quarter of Portuguese or the equivalent must choose language as one of their courses.

All courses are taught by highly experienced professionals and academics from the host faculty of the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina (UNISUL). The classroom is comprised of ISA students and other visiting international students. Courses with locals are taken alongside local Brazilian students.

After spending over three months living and studying in Florianópolis, students will return home with specialized knowledge of Brazil's cultural and economic significance in today's globalized world. The exciting seminar courses are designed to provide broad overviews of many of the most important and challenging issues facing Brazil today. Along with lectures and discussions, many of the courses integrate excursions to important sites in southern Brazil.

Examples of site visits led by UNISUL professors:
- Visit to one of the largest marketing agencies in Florianópolis, Grupo SBC
- Visit with the creators of southern Brazil's largest music festival, Planeta Atlantida
- Visit to the largest samba school in the region - Interaction with local indigenous groups like the Guaraní
- Visits to innovative eco-tourism sites
- Visit to key tourist destinations on the island to understand growth of tourism industry in Brazil: includes a fashion and surf company, world-famous seafood restaurant, and El Divino nightclub


ISA offers two summer sessions in Florianópolis.

The Language, Culture and Economics program is a 5-week program that combines Portuguese language courses with economics and culture studies taught in English and Portuguese. The program is designed to appeal to students at all levels of Portuguese background and serves as a thorough introduction to contemporary Brazil.

The Intensive Portuguese Language program is a 7-week program that offers students at all language levels the unique opportunity to obtain intensive Portuguese-language training. Courses are instructed in grammar, conversation, composition and culture and all courses are instructed entirely in Portuguese.

Courses are taught by host faculty of UNISUL and the classroom is comprised of international students, the majority of whom are ISA students.

Intensive Month

The Intensive Portuguese Language Intensive Month program at the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina (Unisul) is designed with courses at the beginning, intermediate and advanced language levels. Classes are taught by Brazilian professors and are taken with international students at the Unisul. This intensive course focuses on language acquisition for students with a limited time abroad.