Housing Information

ISA Housing provides the opportunity for students to experience aspects of the Brazilian lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor of Brazil. All homestays and apartments are either within walking distance to the UNISUL, or are conveniently located near public transit routes relative to the university. Travel times to the university vary but generally range between 20 and 30 minutes. The experience of living in another culture will be both educational and rewarding so long as you stay open-minded and reasonable at all times. There are differences in culture and lifestyle between life in Brazil and the U.S. Remember: the key to a positive experience is flexibility. With this in mind, you can have a true cultural immersion!

The ISA Brazil programs include homestays with Brazilian families in various neighborhoods around the Island of Florianópolis. Each homestay has been carefully selected by ISA's resident staff in order to accommodate students' specific needs and to ensure a comfortable living situation. The majority of the ISA host families do not speak English; however, some do. Students typically share a bedroom with another ISA student. Breakfast and dinner as well as a laundry service are included in the homestay option.

Apartments are assigned on a first-come/first-serve basis, and availability is limited. Accommodations include comfortable housing near the waterfront in shared, fully-furnished apartments. These apartments are conveniently located in an upbeat, trendy neighborhood. The neighborhood of Lagoa da Conceição, is a laid-back area located on the East side of the island, sandwiched between some of Floripa's best beaches. Students will travel by bus to the UNISUL and back and will have a commute of between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

ISA double occupancy apartments have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge/living room and kitchen. ISA single occupancy apartments have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, lounge/living room and kitchen. Both apartment options are available for an extra fee. Each apartment is equipped with basic furnishings and supplies, including one single bed per student, bed linens and towels, a closet/clothing storage space, basic cookware and kitchenware, a table and chairs and furnished sitting area. Desks, when available, are to be shared by all occupants. The apartment complex is able to provide students with clean linen weekly and clean towels every three days. Students must bring their dirty linins to the front desk, request clean ones, and take them back to their apartments.Meals and personal laundry service costs are not included in the apartment option, however the apartment staff can provide a laundry service for a small fee. The resident brings dirty clothing to the front desk and pays for the service, and then picks up the washed and folded clothing a few days later.

All apartments have a television with basic channels. Internet and wifi access may not be available in all apartments. All apartments are same-sex, non-smoking environments.

*Please note: apartments are not available during the February Intensive Month program.

Independent Housing:
Students may opt to secure housing independently. Students who select this option receive a discount equal to the housing portion of the program price.