International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


Pomaire and Isla Negra

Location: Chile


Pomaire, one of Chile's most famed centers for artisans and crafts, is a great place to not only encounter high quality clay pottery, but also for tasting some of the more typical Chilean dishes. One can't resist taking on the challenge to eat their famous giant empanadas, weighing over one kilo!

Students then venture to Isla Negra to visit Pablo Neruda's Pacific Ocean home, even more outlandish than La Chascona in Santiago. This ecclectic waterfront dwelling, sits on a rocky headland between Valparaíso and Cartagena. Once vandalized and boarded up by the military government, it now houses the Museo Neruda, with the poet's collections of bowsprits, ships-in-bottles, nautical instruments, wood carvings, colored glasses and other memorabilia.

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