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Intensive Chinese Language

Back-to-Back Intensive Chinese Language


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March 15, 2018

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March 30, 2018

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*prices and dates are subject to change

Note: About pricing...

The price listed is a combination of 2 consecutive sessions.

Note: About dates...

*When determining the application and payment due dates for the back to back program, the applicable dates are those that match the first session chosen for the back to back program.

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This back-to-back program offers students the unique opportunity to discover Shanghai and improve their Chinese language skills for 8-weeks, giving them a chance to truly immerse themselves in Chinese culture for the summer.

Students participating in the back-to-back Intensive Chinese Language summer program at East China Normal University will enroll in two 4-week summer sessions for 8-weeks of Chinese language learning. Students will take a full course load of Mandarin language courses which will including speaking, reading, writing, and listening components. Please note that the Beginning level of Chinese language course is not available; students can take courses from High Beginning level to High Intermediate level. A placement exam will be given by the Final Forms and Payment deadline.

Students only participate on ISA excursions one time.

Gap students are also eligible for this program.

Intensive Chinese Language