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Colombia is a truly diverse and unique country, located in the northwestern corner of South America. Colombia features a diverse natural landscape and a wealth of flora and fauna. From the tropical Caribbean to the highlands of central Colombia and the Amazon jungle, Colombia is a land rich in beauty and diversity. Featuring locations with preserved historical quarters, phenomenal cuisine, a coastline with pristine beaches, jungle hikes, and even skiing, Colombia is a country that truly offers something for everybody.

The people of Colombia are known for their friendliness and openness and this open and vibrant attitude permeates the culture of the country making study abroad in Colombia a great choice. Colombians love to dance and feel the rhythm of the beat of some of the best salsa music in the world. The people of this fun-loving country love to enjoy life, but they also respect the deep historical influences that are part of society and the culture.

The Universidad del Norte is one of the best colleges in Colombia and an ideal location to learn Spanish in Colombia. Students will enjoy the high quality academic institutions of the country and enjoy living in a country that is looking towards its bright future!


Northwest corner of South America. Bordering Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and Panama. Colombia is the only South American country to have coastlines on the Pacific and the Caribbean.


Colombia is a very diverse country climate wise. Within the country's territory it is possible to find tropical rainforests, dry deserts, and frozen mountains.

The Caribbean coast features tropical beaches and forests. Towards the center of country towering mountains rise up providing cooler temperatures. The areas around the foothills of these mountains are known as "coffee-growing regions". Towards the far southeast of Colombia starts the Amazon Jungle.

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