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ISA established its study abroad program in Costa Rica in 1998 at a time when this peaceful Central American country was becoming a premiere destination for study abroad students. The allure of Costa Rica for American students studying abroad can be attributed to numerous factors, including its impressive biodiversity, stunning natural beauty, environmental awareness, top-notch universities offering diverse academic courses, and great opportunities for adventure and ecotourism.

The variety of outdoor recreation activities provides endless possibilities to experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Outdoor enthusiasts will find challenges on the various trails winding through mountains, rain forests, and up volcanoes. The miles of beautiful Costa Rican coastline support an underwater ecology as diverse and spectacular as the landscape. In Costa Rica's cosmopolitan capital city, San José, you will find a large number of excellent museums, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, and dance clubs.

Also significant is Costa Rica's clean form of Spanish and excellent language programs. ISA study abroad students will have the privilege of choosing their course of study at a variety of well respected universities in Costa Rica.


Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, situated between Nicaragua and Panama.


Costa Rica's tropical and subtropical climate is responsible for this Central American country's vast rainforests and rich biodiversity.

Temperatures in Costa Rica vary primarily with elevation, not with seasons. The coastal areas remain warm year-round, while the mountain regions tend to have a more temperate climate.

Costa Rica has two seasons: the rainy season, 'winter,' lasts from May to mid-November; the dry season, 'summer,' lasts from mid-November to April.

During the rainy season, days often start out sunny with rain falling in the afternoons and evenings. The dry season, because of its lack of rain, tends to be Costa Rica's high season for tourism.

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