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Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, provides its visitors a fascinating glimpse into its rich political history and proud Cuban identity. The allure of Cuba for American students can be attributed to numerous factors, such as its socio-political realities which has made this country inaccessible for decades. Cuba is the vessel that will provide students with a one-of-a-kind study abroad experience. Students will be captivated by the unique architecture, informative and interesting museums, friendly citizenry, political intrigue and overall stimulating culture that can't be found elsewhere.

Living in a modern world easily consumed by technology, students will have the opportunity to disconnect themselves from their fast-paced, technologically-enhanced lifestyle, and instead enjoy the simplicity and tranquility of life on a Caribbean island. A summer in Cuba will be life-changing for the student looking for a truly immersive experience.


Cuba is located in the Caribbean. The United States is to its north, Mexico to its west, and the Cayman Islands and Jamaica to its south.


Geographically located within the Tropic of Cancer, the climate in Cuba is considered tropical and is heavily influenced by the Caribbean current. Cuba's average temperatures range from 70 - 81º F. There are two distinctive seasons in Cuba, the dry and rainy season. Cuba receives a lot of rainfall between the months of May to October, and its dryer season falls between November to April.

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