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Havana (population 2.1 million), the capital and largest city in Cuba, sits in the northwest part of the country on the Gulf of Mexico. It offers a mixture of old charm and modern convenience that has yet to be branded by commercialism. There is a relaxed way of life, despite its big city size. Havana is visually and culturally beautiful, and transports its visitors to travel back in time as if living in a different era.

The city was founded in 1519 by the Spanish and its historical center retains an interesting mix of Baroque and neoclassical monuments. As Cuba's chief port city, it has one of the best harbors in the Western Hemisphere. Cuba has a tropical climate, with warm, humid weather all year long as it's surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Although just a 50-minute plane ride from Miami, Havana is quite the opposite with its slow-paced lifestyle, 1950's vehicles and lively street culture. Pack up and get ready to take a time warp and enjoy what Havana has to offer.

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Spanish Language, Literature & Cuban Culture
Universidad de las Artes


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