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What's Havana like?

Havana is the most populous city in the Caribbean, and the third largest metropolitan area in the Caribbean, with over 2.1 million people living in the city proper. Havana features a perfect balance between the historical and modern, feeling like a city right out of the 1950's. You'll find old American automobiles lining the streets, and colonial Spanish cathedrals dominating the skyline. Havana consists of Old Havana, as well as newer more modern sprawling suburbs. Havana also serves as the seat of the Cuban government and therefore features many government buildings. The architecture of the city is inspiring, although many buildings are not well maintained. The population of this modern city is vibrant, energetic and full of pride for the city they call home.

Some of the factors which have greatly influenced today's Cuba include, Spanish and Caribbean cultures, early 20th-century American sentiment and communist ideology, which has ultimately resulted in creating an urban fabric unlike that of any city in the world. Although not conventionally beautiful due to unfortunate neglect and economic struggle, Havana has an aura about it that is romantic, exotic and unexplored. It is the intangible beauty, the joy of its people, the rhythms of music, the history in the veins of the city that make Havana unforgettable.

Region and Population

Havana (population 2,105,000) is the capital and largest city in Cuba. Havana is located in the northern coast of Cuba, almost directly south of Florida's Key West, and is where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Atlantic Ocean.


Given its close proximity to the ocean, Havana's climate is considered tropical. Average temperatures will range from 72 - 82º F between the months of January and August. It's important to mention that Havana does in fact experience a period of rainy months. Its rainy season is from June to October.

*Average monthly highs and lows (degrees Fahrenheit) and rainfall (inches) in Havana.*

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