International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


Moravia (Summer Only)

Location: Czech Republic


There are few regions in the world which can offer visitors Moravia?s enviable combination of World Heritage architectural gems, unspoiled farmland and countryside, and local traditions that, despite dating from as many as six centuries ago, still imbue the daily lives of locals. While it?s no exaggeration to say that every Moravian town square and street retains something unique and picturesque, the best news of all for visitors to the Czech Republic?s easternmost region is precise that so few tourists bother to make the trip! That Moravia is still undiscovered is, of course, part of the beauty of this excursion for students used to living elbow to elbow with foreigner visitors in Prague.

Apart from Moravia?s many quaint churches and monuments, the region also boasts sun-soaked vineyards, brightly colored row houses, and a reputation for unsurpassed Central European hospitality. Adventurous foodies will want to try the Halu?ky (soft noodles or dumplings), a succulent roast goose, or perhaps the pickled gherkins.

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