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Getting around Prague

Public transportation and walking are, without question, the most common way to navigate and get around Prague. The Prague public transportation system includes the Metro (subway system), the bus, and the tramway. Students can expect to use public transport, especially the tram and bus, on a daily basis, and sometimes, several times a day.

Commutes around 15-30 minutes and sometimes more are commonplace and expected--it is simply a part of everyday life in Prague!

Aside from public transportation, most Prague locals walk from one place to another. While the public transit is convenient, the city is pedestrian friendly and walking is a great way to see the city, avoid too many connections, and get some exercise. Walking, rain or shine, is the norm when you would typically only need to go a few public transit stops away. A twenty- or thirty-minute walk is not long for local residents!

To learn more about the different ways to get around Prague, please read the descriptions below.

Types of Transportation

The Prague metro operates from 5:00 a.m. until midnight. Metro lines run every 2-3 minutes at peak times and every 10 minutes at other times. All areas of the city-center are accessible by three metro lines: A (green), B (yellow) and C (red). The metro is generally very reliable and offers a safe form of transportation around the city at high speeds. To view a map of the metro, please visit the Prague Public Transportation website and click on the "Metro and Tram".

The daytime tram service operates from 4:30 a.m. to midnight. Popular tram lines run every 3 minutes at peak times. Other routes run every 8-10 minutes during the week and every 15 minutes on weekends. The nighttime tram service operates from 12:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. These trams cover most areas of the city and run every 30 minutes, and have different numbers from the daytime ones.

Most useful tram routes: No.9 runs across the city via Wenceslas Square and onto Mala Strana. No. 22; No. 23 runs from Mala Strana to the rear of Prague Castle. To view a map of the metro, please visit the Prague Public Transportation website and click on the "Metro and Trams" pdf file.

Buses are also a very convenient and easily accessible way to travel within Prague. To view a map of the bus routes, please visit the Prague Public Transportation website and click on the "Metro and Buses" pdf file.

It is very important when taking a taxi in a foreign country to follow certain guidelines, as the taxi service in Prague does not have the best reputation. Most main areas of Prague will have designated taxi stands where you can go to grab a taxi. The other option is to flag a taxi on the side of the road; however, beware of "independent" drivers who may offer you a ride. While they may have a working "taxi" light on the top of their car and a meter in their car, it is typically safer to go to taxi stands just to be sure, or call ahead.

In the taxi, make sure the car displays the name of the company and that the car has an official, working meter. Before you get into the car, you should tell the driver where you want to go to make sure they know how to get there.

It is certainly more expensive to travel by taxi on a daily basis than walking or taking the public transportation system. There is no standard price for taxi services, but the drivers are required to display their prices. It is a good idea to agree on a price before you commit to a ride. Be sure that the meter runs while you are in the taxi! It may also take longer, due to traffic. In general, cabs are very expensive, but worth it if you are very tired, returning home late at night, or carrying a lot of luggage.

Transportation Passes

Transportation passes work for all types of Prague's public transportation (tram, bus and metro). Individual tickets and transportation passes are sold in select metro stations, most tram stops, Prague Public Transportation centers, hotels, convenience stores, travel agencies and more.

It is highly recommended that students purchase a monthly or quarterly transportation pass to be used throughout their program duration instead of purchasing individual tickets. Passes are valid for unlimited travel on the bus, tram or metro within Prague.

NOTE: Before the program starts students will be given the option to pre-pay for either of the following options on their student portal:

  1. A one-month transportation pass.
  2. Two one-way tickets, to be used to go to orientation and back on the first day.
Students will receive either the pass or the one-way tickets, depending on the option they choose, upon their arrival in Prague. We recommend that students select the one-month pass so that they don't have to buy then upon arrival.

For more information on fares, maps and more, please visit Prague Public Transportation website.