International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987

Semester / Trimester

International Business & Economics- University of Economics, Prague -University of Economics, Prague

Dive deep into your business curriculum while taking classes during the International Business & Economics program at the University of Economics, Prague (UEP).

Choose from a variety of business courses focusing on international business, globalization, finance, communications, marketing, management, and more. In addition to your core classes, you will take a semester-long Czech language course designed to ease your transition into life in Prague through basic knowledge of the country's language. Classmates include ISA students as well as other international students studying at UEP. Apart from the Czech language course, all classes are instructed in English and are taught by UEP professors.


Minimum GPA

Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.50.

Minimum Admissions Prerequisites

Students must have at least a sophomore (second year) status at their home university at the time of participation.

There is no language prerequisite for this program.

Course Information

Course Disclaimer

Courses are weighted according to the ECTS system. Each course is 46 contact hours, worth 7 ECTS credits. Per the University of Economics, Prague (UEP), 7 ECTS credits represent 3 U.S. semester credits.

Transcripts are issued in U.S. semester credit hours.


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