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Stonehenge & Bath

Location: England


On this excursion, we will explore two of the most significant landmarks in England and Europe. Stonehenge, one of Britain's oldest Neolithic remnants, is an enigmatic monument formed from a ring of standing stones set within prehistorically engineered earthworks. It is easily one of world's most famous, and most visited sites, situated rather mysteriously amidst several hundred burial mounds and at great distances from any logical source for such large stones. It is known that some of the stones have travelled distances of over 150 miles and experts have ascertained that the stones originally came from Wales.

After our tour of Stonehenge we head northwest towards Bath. Bath is an ancient Roman town most famous for the baths constructed here over two millennia ago to take advantage of natural hot springs. Bath's hot spring is the only naturally occurring spring of its kind in the whole of the UK; archaeological evidence suggest that the ancient Britons may have used it as a shine to their pagan gods. We'll visit the site of the bath that gives this city its name, as well as many other architectural gems such as the Norman Church, the Royal Crescent, and other quintessentially Georgian buildings in various states of restoration. Bath has also been home to many famous writers, poets and celebrities, including the much-beloved novelist, Jane Austen.

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