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Getting Around Reading

Public transportation is, without question, the most common way to navigate and get around England. In fact, when giving directions, most locals use transportation stops as destination points or local points of reference. The public transportation system in England is very efficient and adheres to strict schedules. Students can expect to use public transport, especially the tube, on a daily basis, and sometimes, several times a day.

Commutes around 15-20 minutes and sometimes more are commonplace and expected--it is simply a part of everyday British life!

Aside from public transportation, the British walk from one place to another. While the métro and public transit is convenient, the city is pedestrian friendly and walking is a great way to see the city, avoid too many connections, and get some exercise. Walking, rain or shine, is the norm. A twenty- or thirty-minute walk is not long and quite efficient!

To learn more about the different ways to navigate Reading, please read the descriptions below.

Types of Transportation

Reading is a smaller city and is quite enjoyable and easy to explore by foot. There are however, buses, taxis and the Reading Train Station for additional modes of transportation.

Reading's train station has frequent and well traveled routes that take passengers to destinations through out the UK. Students interested in taking a trip into London will have a short, 23 minute ride into the London Paddington station. Once at Paddington, students will have access to the London Underground system and additional National Rail routes. Trains adhere to strict time tables, and prove to be a time efficient way to traverse the country. For more information about ticket fares and routes please click here.

If your personal travels look to take you onto mainland Europe, you will most likely be riding on the high-speed rail services provided through Eurostar (these trains travel through out Britain as well). Traveling below the English Channel, this popular Channel Tunnel, more commonly know as 'The Chunnel' places passengers from London into central Paris in approximately 3 hours. The Chunnel currently departs out of the newly refurbished London St. Pancras Station. For more information about Eurostar destinations and time tables please click here. You can also search and easily purchase tickets at this additional link.

Students are eligible to purchase a Young Persons Railcard from any train station in England for £20. This card will take 1/3 off of the regular price of a train ticket to anywhere in the UK. Click here for a link to these travel passes.

**When traveling by rail be sure to ask for student rates. Please note that you may be required to show a student I.D. card.

With stops located throughout the city, the bus system in Reading is also very convenient and practical.