International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987

Academic Programs in Lille

Students may choose from the following Academic Program options:


During the summer, two types of academic programs are offered in Lille. Each program is open to students from all academic majors and at all levels of French language proficiency. No previous language experience is required for any of the programs.

The French Language, Social Sciences, Arts and Business Program requires students to take one French language course as well as an elective course of their choice (taught in English or French). The electives are in the fields of arts, business, economics, management, humanities, and social sciences.

The Science and Engineering Program offers two different tracks for students to take. The first option during the month of June requires students to take one French language course and one elective course of their choice. In the July program, all students will take two elective courses of their choice. The electives are in the fields of business, engineering, humanities, and science, and they are all taught in English.

Back To Back

This option allows students to combine the two summer programs for varying academics and a longer length of stay. It is important to note that students who are in the back to back program and are taking two elective courses that have the intercultural communications component will NOT take this part of the course during their second session, as the material will be the same for both sessions. For this reason, the second elective course may be worth 12 less contact hours.

*Students wanting to do the option with only French language courses will likely not be able to do so for both sessions.