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Considered the gateway between Eastern and Western cultures, Greece has been one of the most profound influencers of ancient and modern history. Greek contributions have consistently been nothing shy of revolutionary. From being the home of some of the most brilliant minds in history to the Olympic games Greece has produced some of the world's most significant philosophies, traditions, ideals and art that have stood the test of time.

As one of the top destinations for travelers from all over the world, Greece has endless opportunity for adventure. Enjoy the countless beaches, infamous cuisine, and profound historical monuments and ruins while studying at what is considered the most prestigious school in northern Greece.

While in Greece, you can explore a unique infusion of ancient and modern culture providing for an exceptional location for study abroad students.


Mainland Greece is located in Southern Europe with Italy neighboring west of the Ionian Sea and Tukey east of the Aegean Sea. The infamous Greek islands are south of the mainland in the Mediterranean Sea.


Greece has a predominantly Mediterranean climate where students can expect mild and rainy winters and warm and dry summers. The climate of Greece can be divided into 3 main Mediterranean climates: 1. Mediterranean; 2. Alpine Mediterranean; 3. Transitional Continental-Mediterranean. The Mediterranean climate is most common in the Aegean Islands, where the Alpine Mediterranean climate is most common in the high mountains in northern Greece, and the Transitional Continental-Mediterranean climate is most common in mainland Greece.

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