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Deciding to study abroad in Italy is easy with its warm people, outstanding cuisine, varied land and seascapes, and unparalleled artistic and historic wonders. ISA's study abroad locations in Italy remain among the world's most sought-after study abroad destinations.

It's not surprising that Italy, the country with the most UNESCO world heritage sites in the world, seems to change within the distance of only a few kilometers! Italy's variety never ceases to surprise: from culture, to food, language, weather, landscape, and personality. With 45 world heritage sites - 47 if you include those found in the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican City: two sovereign states located entirely within the Italian peninsula - Italy is certainly never boring!

From the universities and colleges in Italy with courses in English, to the excursions and on-site staff, ISA Italy has something for everyone. And Italy's extensive train and bus networks give students endless opportunities to explore within Italy and throughout Europe.


Positioned in the center of the Mediterranean sea, Italy is primarily a peninsula extending southeast from the south-central region of the European continent.

Its bordering countries include France, Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia. Two countries are located entirely within the Italian peninsula: the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican City.


Several geographical factors contribute to Italy?s diverse climatic regions. The Alps in the north prevent the influx of colder air masses from Northern and Eastern Europe.

Just south of this high mountain chain, in the flat and fertile Northern Italian region known as the Po Valley, moist air from the Adriatic produces relatively high year-round humidity and winter fog.

Meanwhile, the central and southern regions enjoy the quintessential "mediterranean" climate, with drier, breezier, warmer, and sunnier weather.

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