International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987

Semester / Trimester

Students may choose between the following Program Terms:

East Asia Studies & Japanese Language - Musashi University

The areas of study for international students at Musashi University are:

  • East Asia Studies
  • Japanese Language
All students are required to enroll in at least four courses or 16 Musashi credits. A Japanese language course is NOT required, and students can choose from other classes taught in English, totaling up to a maximum of 20 Musashi credits.

Students can choose to live in a student residence or to find independent off-campus housing.

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Fall 1 2018Sep 3, 2018 to Dec 22, 2018ITKF3118$16,950Program in Progress
Spring 1 2019Late Mar, 2019 to Late Jul, 2019ITKS3119$17,450Not Accepting Applications, Session Full.
Fall 1 2019Late Aug, 2019 to Late Dec, 2019ITKF3119TBA Currently Accepting Applications!

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International Studies, Japanese Language & Culture - J.F. Oberlin University

By participating in ISA semester or academic year programs at J.F. Oberlin University, you will not only enhance your academic knowledge but increase your intercultural competence by learning about and experiencing Japan and the Japanese language.

This program consists of an intensive Japanese language track and a variety of courses taught in English. The Japanese language track is comprised of the core and elective courses, while courses taught in English have a focus on International Relations, Business, East Asian Studies, and Humanities. You will be required to take at least one Japanese language core course in this program.

Most of the English taught courses meet twice a week for 90-minute sessions. Core Japanese language courses meet one to five days a week depending on the language level for 90 minutes each class. Elective Japanese language courses include an experiential component and meet once a week for 90 minutes.

In addition to the academic courses, you are encouraged to participate in student clubs or social activities on campus. Taking part in a club life along with local Japanese students will help you immerse yourself in the culture and learn the insides of Japanese student life.

Spring 2 2019Mar 23, 2019 to Aug 2, 2019ITKS3219$17,450Not Accepting Applications, Session Full.
Fall 2 2019Mid Sep, 2019 to Late Dec, 2019ITKF3219TBA Currently Accepting Applications!

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