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Universities in Tokyo

Musashi University

Musashi University was established in 1949 during the post-World War II education reform efforts. The university's Faculty of Economics was the first to be established along with the Musashi junior and senior high schools. Throughout the next 30 years, the university grew slowly and then, starting in the early 1990's began its expansion of programs. Musashi University strives to be innovative and active in developing connections to the international community and is gradually and purposefully expanding its international network. As a small private institution, Musashi now enrolls approximately 4,000 students in the faculties of Economics, Humanities, and Sociology.It is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan, as well as the Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA).

Popular areas of study for international students at Musashi University:

  • East Asia Studies
  • Japanese Language

Located in the quiet residential area of Tokyo's Nerima ward, the university is about 20 minutes from popular areas such as Ikebukuro and the Shinjuku neighborhood. The Nerima Ward features a small shopping district filled with stores and restaurants that serve the daily needs of the local residents and students. The intimate campus environment affords students the opportunity to forge close relationships with classmates and faculty alike. International students receive strong student support services and are integrated fully in educational and social life of Musashi University.

J.F. Oberlin University

Located in Machida, a lively and upbeat town in the southwest suburb of Tokyo, J.F. Oberlin University is a non-profit private co-educational institution with about 9,000 students. While studying abroad at J.F. Oberlin University, you will have easy access by public transportation to downtown Tokyo as well as nearby mountains and beaches. To diversify your academic life and become friends with Japanese students, you can join university clubs and participate in cultural activities and excursions, organized by J.F. Oberlin's Center for International Studies and ISA.