International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


Jerash & Ajloun

Location: Jordan


On this excursion, students begin in the city of Jerash, home to very well-preserved Roman architecture and one of the most extensive ancient Roman excavations. After leaving Jerash, students will continue to Ajloun, where they will see the famous Arab castles, such as Ajloun Castle. These structures were built in the 12th century, during the Crusades, and will give students an invaluable perspective on this period of world history.

Students Will:

Learn about the history of the Crusades in general, with special emphasis on the activities Crusaders in territory now belonging to the Kingdom of Jordan. Pertinent context will be provided by the local guide at the beginning of the visit to Ajloun Castle.

Learn to recognize similarities in architectural designs used here in Jordan vis à vis in "Al Andalus" during the Arab and Muslim presence in medieval Spain. These similarities are highlighted by the tour guide.

Be able to appreciate the strategic importance of Ajloun's location, both historically/militarily and also as a unique vantage point from which visitors today can survey, from atop the castle tower, territory including Palestine/Israel, Syria, and Lebanon.

Gain a sense of modern-day Ajloun's demographic mix of Muslim and Christian populations—in part by highlighting for students the Crusade's lasting influence on Jordan, and also by discussing the concept of merging and converging cultures known as transculturation.

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