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Skyline of downtown Amman

What's Amman Like?

Amman is the center of Jordan politically, economically, and culturally. The city itself has been inhabited for almost 4,000 years; and yet for such an ancient city, it is incredibly modern. There are skyscrapers, multinational corporations, and a diverse population that one would expect in any major city around the world. Thanks to its central location, mild climate, and many historic sites, Amman is also a very active tourist destination for people from around the world.

Amman is a very safe city with a high standard of living. Visitors will be able to find a wide range of restaurants, shops, and attractions that cater to a Western audience with signs in English, including many large and popular malls. For those looking for a less Western experience, there are many small shops and souqs (bazaars) where bargaining skills can be honed, and many small restaurants serving traditional Jordanian food including a wide variety of mezze.

Amman has recently experienced major economic growth which has had a significant impact on the culture. With such a unique blend of traditional and modern elements, there are many facets of Jordanian culture to experience. Students studying in Amman will have the opportunity to explore many sides of this culture, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the complex social atmosphere that permeates the city.

Region and Population

Amman (population 1,919,000) is the capital of Jordan and is located in northwest region of the country. It is the center of all major political, economic and cultural activity for the country, and contains much of the country's historical sites as the city has been inhabited for almost 4,000 years. Amman is one of the most prosperous cities in the region with a high quality of life, which also helps to make it a very diverse city. Jordan's capital is home to people from all over the world, and tourism is a significant part of the city's income. For those wishing to experience the Middle East, Amman is an ideal location thanks to its safety, historical sites, excellent shopping, and large English-speaking population.


Amman is fortunate in that it has a very mild climate. Summer highs are in the low 90s and it rarely drops below the 30s in the winter. There is very low humidity throughout most of the year, and outside of the winter, it rarely rains.
Avg. Rainfall2.362.