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Culture Corner

Getting around Amman

While taxis and buses are common ways to get around Amman, walking is the best way to explore the city and soak up the sights.

Types of Transportation

In Amman there is a public and a private bus system. The public buses, while less frequent, are much more reliable in their operation, schedules, and cleanliness. These public buses are colored red, green or yellow. The private buses are white in color and more numerous but less reliable.

Taxi Service

Taxis are readily available and inexpensive, although traffic congestion can slow travel considerably. There are two types of taxis in Amman. The private yellow taxis are recommended as they are better quality and you and your party will be the only passengers, meaning that you will arrive at your destination more directly. When chartering a private taxi, women riding alone should sit in the back seat. The other type is the service taxis which are white. Unlike the yellow taxis, the service taxis will board different passengers and they travel fixed routes similar to a bus. The service taxis are generally older, less comfortable vehicles. If riding with strangers, women can ask to sit in the front seat of the service taxi or pay for an extra seat to have more personal space. Taxi fares are not standardized and not all taxis have meters. Metered taxis display the price in fils, not dinars. If the driver has not started the meter, kindly remind the driver to do so.