International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987



Location: Morocco


The port city of Tangier has captured the imagination of travelers, writers and artists for centuries. Located at the strategic Strait of Gibraltar, this international city exhibits cultural influences from both Europe and Africa. From Tangier's shores one can easily view Spain's southern coast, just nine miles to the north across the Strait. While in Tangier, students will explore the historic medina, kasbah, artists' quarter, and the breezy seafront promenade.

Students will gain an appreciation for Tangier's strategic location, and will be able to discuss why this location made sense as the hub of the first American consulate in the Muslim world.
They will also be able to reflect on the close diplomatic relationship between Europe and Africa. Identify elements of the atmosphere, history and customs of Tangier which lend themselves to bohemian or countercultural spirit and values. Learn about Tangier's booming tourism industry, and how tourism affects the local economy and culture.

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