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Getting Around Meknes

The best way to explore Meknes is on foot, but there are several other easily accessible modes of transportation in the city! To learn more about the different ways to navigate Meknes, please read the descriptions below.

Types of Transportation

Petit taxis are some of the most common vehicles seen on the road. All petit taxis are clearly marked and the color of the taxi is unique to each Moroccan city. For example, petite taxis in Meknes are light blue; Casablanca's are red. The price of this taxi ride should be negotiated before the trip commences.

Grand taxis (usually an older Mercedes Benz) follow a structure route and act more like a city bus. They have frequent taxi stops/stands where the driver may wait until the car fills; totaling 6 people. The Grand taxi may be a little less expensive than the petit taxi, yet it generally will not prove the quickest mode of transportation.

The C.T.M. (Compagnie de Transports Marocains) bus station is situated east of the Ville Nouvelle, at the Avenue des Forces Royales and Avenue de Fes. From this station, buses depart to all major Moroccan cities with multiple departures daily. It is advisable to buy your ticket in advance, as seats have a tendency to be filled. Local buses traverse the city streets and shuttle passengers between the medina and ville nouvelle on a regular daily schedule. These buses are generally very crowded.

There are two stations within Meknes. The main station, El Amir Abdelkader, is located about 1km east of the city's center, and provides a convenient place to hail a taxi if traveling within the city. All trains traveling through Meknes stop at this station. For more information on the rail system in Morocco, visit the ONCF website (currently unavailable in English).