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Northern Ireland: 1,759,000
United Kingdom: 59,778,002

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A member country of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland occupies just 1/6th of the Island of Ireland which it shares with the Republic of Ireland. The dynamic history of the land combined with the rich music, food, culture and traditions make Northern Ireland a unique study abroad location. Belfast is the capital and largest city of the country, with many smaller cities, towns and villages strewn throughout the countryside.

The country is known for its breathtaking coastline dotted with castles and awe-inspiring vistas. Because of the large amounts of rain, the countryside glows a vibrant green throughout much of year. While Northern Ireland experienced about 30 years of 'The Troubles,' an era of peace has developed in the country within the last decade. Northern Ireland has become a major tourist draw and is considered one of the best kept secrets of Western Europe.

ISA programs in Belfast offer great opportunities for students seeking an academic challenge in an English-speaking higher education system. ISA's study abroad programs in Belfast are held at Queen's University for semester and academic year terms and make a great choice for a college in Ireland for American students. Here you can choose from over 3,000 classes offered to take classes with Irish students in a wide variety of subjects ranging from Business to Engineering to Biology and Political Science or Irish language.


In Western Europe, Northern Ireland is located on the island of Ireland, just to the west of England and Scotland between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.


Northern Ireland has a temperate climate with a year round average temperature of 50ºF. In the winter, the temperature rarely dips below freezing (32ºF) and the summer highs reach just around 75ºF. The weather can be unpredictable and one should always be prepared with sweaters and rain jackets as the island can receive heavy rain any time of year.

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