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Situated high in the Andes Mountains in Southeastern Peru, Cusco stands tall as the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. The nearby Inca archaeological site of Machu Picchu has long been one of the most inspirational destinations for countless travelers. Spaniards first arrived to Peru in the 1530s, with conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Due to heavy Spanish influence for many decades, much of the architecture in present-day Cusco is a mix of Inca and Spanish design.

Today, Cusco is one of the must see destinations in South America, due to the preservation of its culture displayed in amazing archaeological sites, architecture, and colorful Peruvian dress. Many locals still wear traditional clothing like polleras (long, colorful skirts), play zampoñas (pan flutes), and have llamas. In addition, the exquisite Andean cuisine provides Peruvians and foreigners alike with innovative dishes. Prepare yourself to be enamored with both culture and easy access to the breathtaking Sacred Valley as you study abroad in Cusco.

The hands-on experience in Cusco will take your handle on the Spanish language to new levels. Students will also be able to study Quechua, an indigenous language of Peru, as well as culture and history courses in English. Students receive a transcript from the prestigious Universidad de Salamanca, while attending classes at the ISA Study Center.

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