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Available Excursions for Cusco

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Excursions may not be available for all programs and sessions.


Optional for some or all sessions
The city of Arequipa is situated over 2,328 meters above sea level (about 7,638 feet) and the central part of the city is crossed by the Chili River from north to south; to the north and east of Arequipa are the Andes mountains, while to the Southwest there are minor mountain ranges associated... Read More

Machu Picchu

Referred to as The Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu is perhaps the most familiar icon of the Inca World. Machu Picchu (from the quechua machu pikchu meaning Old Mountain) is the current name for an Inca llaqta (ancient Andean town) built in the mid-XV century. At an altitude of 2490 meters... Read More

Puerto Maldonado

Optional for some or all sessions
Located in the department of Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado is the entrance gate to the southern Amazon Forest, where several national parks and natural reserves are located. Puerto Maldonado has alternately been the Peruvian center of rubber, logging, gold and oil exploration and extraction.... Read More

Puno and Lake Titicaca

The city of Puno is situated over 3,800 meters above sea level (about 12,500 feet) and is located at the shore of Lake Titicaca on the Collao Plateau. Students will participate in a 3-day trip to visit Puno, considered to be one of the most interesting places in Peru and the South American... Read More

Sacred Valley

The sacred valley of the Incas was without a doubt, a key area for the kingdom of the Incas. Its agreeable climate and fertile pastures created a unique and fruitful combination difficult to find in other parts of the Andes Mountains. Furthermore, it encompassed a road to the jungle that granted... Read More