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ISA began several exciting study abroad programs in Lima, Peru during the Spring of 2006. Since it's opening, this program has continued to grow in popularity. The allure of Peru can be attributed, among many things, to the country's incredibly diverse geography and the marvels of its ancient history. Travellers to this must-see South American country have been dazzled by lucious rainforests, the rugged Andes Mountains, and a coastline along the Southern Pacific Ocean.

In addition to its enticing natural beauty, Peru is enlivened by its indigenous and colonial history, which is evidenced in archeological gems, such as Machu Picchu and contrasted in its populous capital, Lima. As the capital city of Peru, Lima is the primary site for industry and education. Its idyllic location along the Pacific coast provides an exceptional site for students to improve their Spanish language and learn about Peruvian culture.

Due to the popularity of the Lima, Peru program, ISA added another study abroad destination in Peru in 2009 in the Andean city of Cusco, the capital of the Inca! Whether you are attending one of the prestigious universities in the capital or going to school high up in the Andes, Peru is an incredible Latin American destination for the immersion experience!


Peru is located in South America and borders the Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador. To the East, it shares borders with Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia.

The western coastal plains (costa) of Peru are separated from the eastern lowland jungle of the Amazon Basin (selva) by the Andes in the middle (sierra).


There is no single climate in Peru - the deserts, jungles, mountain villages, and coastal cities all have their own climates.

Along the coast, from December to April, the temperature ranges from 75-95 F and from May to November, the temperature drops a bit and it is cloudy.

In the mountains, from April to October, it is dry and hot and at night the temperature drops. In the Amazon, it's always hot and humid.

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