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What's Glasgow Like?

Classified as one of Europe's best kept secrets, Glasgow is an international city that boasts of cultural diversity, beautiful landscape and a live music scene that cannot be surpassed. Meeting Glaswegians is an activity in itself, as they are a people who are full of life, value time with friends and family and have an accent unlike any other. As you wander the West End, where the University of Glasgow is located, you will become acquainted with this bohemian district that houses quaint cafés, tea rooms, bars, boutiques, posh hotels, clubs and restaurants.

On the opposite end of the city, you can stroll Sauchiehall Street, where you can attend an opera or listen to a bagpiper play a haunting hymn that echoes the cobblestone streets for miles. Another main event is the annual West End Festival that takes place for 16 days in June and is known as "Scotland's Mardi Gras". Activities include outdoor theater, music, film, comedy and various street markets. Don't forget to save some of your "quid" for a bowl full of haggis and after a few weeks (and a chance to improve your Scottish ear) you'll feel right at home with the locals!

Region and Population

Glasgow is a city of about 600,000 people and the largest in Scotland. It is located in the western central part of the country. The country of Scotland consumes the northern part of the island of Great Britain that also includes England and Wales. The United Kingdom (also known as the U.K.) is comprised of the island of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and many small local islands.


Glasgow's climate is classified as Oceanic and beacuse of it's westerly position is milder than most areas in Scotland.
Avg. Rainfall5.

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