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Physics & Mathematics - University of Glasgow

During the Summer 1 program at the University of Glasgow, students can choose between taking a Physics or Math courses.

The International Physics Summer School consists of two consecutive 4-week modules with a laboratory component. It is an intensive course that introduces fundamental concepts of physics in the areas of dynamics and relativity, waves and sound, thermal dynamics (Module 1), as well as geometrical & wave optics, electromagnetism and quantum phenomena (Module 2).

Mathematics students will take three consecutive courses covering linear algebra, differential equations, and a cultural component covering the city of Glasgow and the origins of the modern world.

Summer 1 2019Jun 18, 2019 to Aug 17, 2019IGSU3119$8,950Currently Accepting Applications!

Business & Scottish Studies - University of Glasgow

The Business & Scottish Studies program at the University of Glasgow gives students the opportunity to gain international experience and academic credit at a world-class university. While learning from host university professors, students will take an in-depth look at topics in business and Scottish studies. The Summer 4 program allows students to choose from a Business course or Scottish studies course, where as the Summer 5 program offers a of Scottish Studies course option. Program sessions can be taken independently or as a back-to-back program for maximum credits and time abroad.

Summer 4 2019Mid Jul, 2019 to Early Aug, 2019IGSU3519$5,950Currently Accepting Applications!

Anatomy & Global Health - University of Glasgow

The Anatomy & Global Health program is designed for students intending to apply for medical (or dental) school, or those currently enrolled in a clinical school that lacks hands-on anatomical experiences. The level of the course is suitable for students with no anatomy background, but is fast paced and is best suited to those with at least a strong biology background. Students can enroll in each summer session separately, or can choose to take both programs back-to-back in order to maximize credits earned and time abroad.

Summer 2 2019Jun 18, 2019 to Jul 20, 2019IGSU3219$6,450Currently Accepting Applications!
Summer 3 2019Jul 16, 2019 to Aug 17, 2019IGSU3319$6,450Currently Accepting Applications!

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