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Scotland lies in the northern portion on the island of Great Britain which it shares with England and Wales. As part of the United Kingdom (U.K.), Scotland has much in common with its neighbors, but with some exciting differences such as their love of bagpipes, kilts and Haggis. Scotland provides its own unique history, music, food, and other cultural traits that students will have the opportunity to experience in full while living there. In addition to being considered the "home of golf", Scotland has also helped with the invention of other international sports such as Rugby and Tennis and of course the original home of the Scottish Highland Games.

ISA Scotland offers study abroad programs through the University of Glasgow & the University of Stirling. The country is known for the warm, friendly and generous nature of it's people making students feel welcome wherever they visit whether it's the dramatic landscape of the Highlands, the vastness of Lochness or the enchanting cities and towns in surrounding areas. From business to science or humanities to design, students can find whatever course they're looking for to make the most out of their time studying abroad in Scotland.


Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom (U.K.) and consumes the northern part on the island of Great Britain. It shares a border with England to the south.


Scotland's climate is temperate and varies in climate from the north to the south, with the extensive coastlines playing an important role in the weather patterns. Western Scotland is warmer than the east, and the entire region is warmer than you would expect for being so far north. Rain is common here, and the highlands of Scotland see more rain than almost any part of Great Britain.

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