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What's Cape Town Like?

Cape Town, which dates back to 1482, lies at the African continent's southern-most point. This marvelously unique city is a cultural melting pot, with a diverse and vibrant population influenced by Zulu, Xhosa, and other African tribes, as well as Dutch, British, German, French, and Indonesian settlers. Due to its natural topography, Cape Town boasts a variety of breathtaking landscapes in which distinct neighborhoods and districts of the city have developed. From the beach houses of Camps Bay to the Bo Kaap Muslim neighborhood at the foot of Lion's Head Peak, to the highrise apartments of downtown, something new is always just around the corner. The diverse people, landscapes and the exciting cultural history make Cape Town an ideal place to study abroad.

Region and Population

Cape Town is a city of about 3,400,000 people.


Cape Town has warm, dry (and sometimes very windy) summers and chilly, wetter winters. The summer season is from November to March.

Average highs and lows (degrees Fahrenheit) and rainfall (inches) in Cape Town:

Avg. Rainfall0.

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