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South Korea (or the Republic of Korea) is one of the most highly developed and stable democracies in East Asia. The history of civilization on the Korean peninsula dates back almost 4,000 years, and the country itself has existed since 1948.

South Korea's economic transformation over the past few decades has been termed the "Miracle on the Han River" and remains one of the world's fastest growing economies. Meanwhile, as one of the safest countries in the world, diversity has greatly expanded in recent years. South Korea not only provides travelers and students all over the world with the ability to learn and improve their Korean language skills, but also has proved to be a vehicle for introducing a great combination of dazzling cosmopolitanism and hidden corners of tradition.

Americans are treated with extreme hospitality in South Korea, and with so many English-speaking Koreans, the language barrier is quickly eroding, and students who study abroad in South Korea will definitely benefit from it. Getting around South Korea is easy, which is fortunate since there are so many wonderful places to see!


Korean Peninsula, with the Yellow Sea and China to the west, and the East Sea and Japan to the east.


As part of the East Asian monsoon region, South Korea tends to have a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are usually long, cold, and dry, with plenty snow of that blissfully piles up to create picturesque winter landscapes that provide students with an exciting diversity of outdoor activities as numerous as snowflakes. Summers are typically hot and humid with a short rainy season each year. Springs and Falls are short but absolutely pleasant, with the cherry blossoms' delicate bloom in the Springs and tree leaves turning magnificent colors in the Falls.

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